We all know it’s summer when our food, wearing substitutes, and fashion standards changes with the temperature and climate. Instead of black tea and coffee, juices and soft drinks becomes our priority. Shorts, vests, soft t-shirts, tracksuits, and swimming shorts modify with high necks, sweat t-shirts, and high coats. We love summer fashion and experience numerous hues, seasonal styles, and trips. We all need the best and most comfortable outfits while going out with friends and family or executing adventurous roadside tours. I will discuss in this blog a list of men’s summer fashion and how to choose the best summer streetwear outfits for men.

Recent Trends in Street Wear:

Streetwear is a style of casual clothing that became global in the 1990s. It grew from New York hip-hop fashion and Californian surf culture.

Summer streetwear outfits have increasingly become a fashion trend nowadays.  Street fashion is more adorable and charming and new styles and outfits add up glory to the past conventional streetwear style.

 Summer streetwear mostly consists of a light, soft fabric and shades are mostly lesser sunlight absorptive.  The recent Street wears fashion trends are short and long combination shirts or jeans, crossed bags, messy clothes, oversized glasses, loose shirts, colorful shirts, and many others. Summer clothes are designed according to climatic changes but summer streetwear provides sparkling looks and groomed personality as well.


1- Casual White Shirt and Black Jean Style:

SUMMER STREETWEAR White Shirt and Black Jean

White shirt suits with almost all the color combinations. White shirts and black pants are the coolest casual streetwear style in the modern era. It adds elegance to the personality and character.

White shirts and black pants are often the priorities in men’s wardrobes and apparel.

The best-related assortments are classified as follows:

  • All black jeans and shirt
  • Black jeans and a special white shirt
  • White shirt and blue jeans
  • Black shirt and white jeans

How to be charismatic in the white and black combo? Black jeans and a white shirt are best to be dressed up with office shoes and sneakers.

2- Knee Skimming shorts:

Shorts are torments that cover the waist region, and the upper part of the legs sometimes are down the knees. Shorts do not cover the whole leg only hide parts like the high, Knees, back area, etc.

  • What are knee–skimming shorts?  Knee–skimming shorts are bigger than shorts and smaller than trousers and are mostly worn in the warmest areas where comfort and protection of legs both are important.
  • How to appeal to people by wearing skimming shorts?

Knee skimming shorts are one of the best summer comfort, outfit and can be dressed up in various ways; some tips are given below:

  • Open white casual shirt with skimming shorts
  • Loose shirt with skimming shorts
  • Black and blue shorts combination

3- Short – Sleeve Polo shirts:


Short sleeve polo shirts were originally used by polo players in Great Britain and India in the 1920s. They were originally designed for polo players that’s why they are known as polo shirts.

Polo shirts and golf shirts are three-buttoned, and a collar and a designed pocket on the shirt. Polo short –sleeve shirts are the better option of the summer fashions for stylish men and the ones who are social butterflies. Get your Polo Shirts from DeChan Now!!!

 Dressed-up Tips:

Polo short-sleeve shirts are best matched with the following

  • Jeans and polo shirts
  • Shorts and polo shirts
  • Knee–skimmed shorts and polo shirt

4- Tracksuits:


A summer tracksuit is a type of dressing article consisting of a zipped shirt and soft fabric trousers. Summer tracksuit is mostly used in gyms, travel, offices, and domestic purposes.

    How to wear casual tracksuits?

Tracksuits should be kept simple and not much accessorized, use some premium bags, glasses and caps with them to maintain a casual look.

To maintain a perfect journey, look throw on a pair of spectacles and a short sleeve shirt under the jacket, and you can also use sneakers with tracksuits.

Slim-fit tracksuits are the best choice to balance style and comfort together.


DON’T in Summer Streetwear:

There are a few items which men shouldn’t wear in their working places in summer:

  • Tight or woolen jeans
  • Open sandals
  • Dark color fabric
  • Printed shirts
  • Informal jeans and a t-shirts

DOS in Summer Streetwear:

Men should wear these apparel in summer

  • Open and loose shirts.
  • Jeans and shorts.
  • Light color combination outfits.
  • Kurtas and soft cotton short sleeve shirts

Summer streetwear is the nineteenth-century fashion style that got fame later in unique ways. We can maintain a perfect balance of comfort and elegance by choosing some perfect outfits for summer street fashion in a righteous way.

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